New Year & New Changes Are Here At Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations July 18, 2015 12:37

Hello Everyone,                                                                                                   January 18, 2013

There has been some changes at Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations website.  When you visit you will see a whole new store and a different way of navigating to where you want to go.  The catagories have been changed to parts of the body where you use my natural handmade products.  I think this is more organized in appearance and easier to use.  I would love to hear any feedback on the up dated website.

Another change that has occured is the new shape and size of Clarity face & body bar.  I am now making larger batches of this clarifying bar so hopefully I can keep it in stock for everyone who likes it.  The bars are rectangle shape like my other soap bars and they weigh between 4 & 6oz.  That's more product for you than the old size.  I will be making similar changes to all the shampoo bars, making them in larger batches (they will be rectangle like my other soap bars) and the size will be larger also.  Look for these changes soon.

Wow!  More changes.  It's almost like spring cleaning.  I have decided to discontinue some products that are not moving (selling).  Once they are gone they will not be coming back.  Look for these items under Specials in the catagories. As old products leave new ones will be implimented that will hopefully make everyone happy.

It has been so cold here in Utah (lows have been in the single digits), I have decided to make a jumbo size of the emulsified body scrub (scrub off) for January's free giveaway winner.  Winter can really do damage to our skin and dry it out super fast leaving behind dull dead skin cells that need to be exfoliated away.  This will be a 16oz jar.  I haven't decided the fragrance as of yet.  If anyone has any suggestions you can reply to this newsletter.

Herbal hair vinegar rinse will be back in stock soon.  I am just waiting for the shippment of those cute little glass bottles to come.  I should get them by 1/21/13 and have the vinegar rinses available a day or so after that.

Don't forget about the 5% off coupon when you order.  The coupon code is on the home page for everyone to use.  It will expire 1/31 2013 at midnight MST.

For those who use or wish to use credit/debit cards, my site now has the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal.  Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud so you can rest assured that my site is secure & safe.

Hope everyone's 2013 is going better than planned.

Blessings & Thank you all of being great customers.

Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations LLC