New sales start Sunday Sept 13th, 2015 Save 15% on Herbal Clay Masks! September 09, 2015 18:07

Starting September I will have a two day sale each week of every month. These sales will start Sunday morning and will end Monday at midnight (MST). This will give you a chance to save 15% on a certain item or item(s) that I choose to be on sale at that time.

This weeks sale save 15% off all herbal masks. I have 4 different masks to choose from to suit your skin's particular needs.

 Ubtan Cleanser/Mask is 100 percent natural. This ayruvedic mask was the first mask I started making.  As with the other masks I offer, it will clarify, stimulate, exfoliate, firm and tone the skin making it glow.  This mask is suitable for all types of skin and comes in a wonderful handmade decorative envelope made by yours truly.

 Rose Herbal Clay Mask is probably the most popular mask that I make.  It is also 100 percent natural ingredients and geared toward sensitive skin, but is suitable for all types of skin as well.

 If you have combination/oily skin with some acne issues and need more detoxifying, then Green Herbal Clay Mask is what you need.  This mask is rich with organic seaweed and french green clay to help detox and balance the skin.

 Last but not least, the "mac-daddy" of herbal clay masks.  Black Herbal Clay Mask is for skin that's out of control.  Acne, break-outs, extremely oily skin, this mask is for you. This is made with bentonite clay and activated charcoal to really help treat your skin issues.

Any of these masks can be left on the skin for as little as 5 minutes especially if you have very sensitive skin, but they can be left on up to 15 minutes or longer if you can handle it.  There's nothing worse that having your clay mask on and it's almost dry, then the husband or kids try and make you laugh.  Yes it hurts, but for some reason you can't stop laughing.  This has happened to me many times as you can probably tell.

So why are masks important and what will you get in the long run.  Masks help to deep clean, detox and exfoliate the skin,  They also promote circulation in the epidermal layers of the skin and help the skin to breathe. You will notice after you rinse off your mask how dewy soft, firm and tone your skin is.  Best practice is to do a facial mask once per week to help remove environment assaults that happen daily and improve circulation in congested skin.  If you use your mask once per week, you will notice improvements in your skins appearance.

Happy Week Everyone!


Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations

P.S. I'm already excited tor the next sale!