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Ingredient spotlight: Lanolin & New Products December 29, 2015 16:52

Lanolin, also known as wool wax comes from wool-bearing animals like sheep.  This wax acts to waterproof and protect the wool and skin from the extremes of climate and environment.  The use of lanolin dates back to early Egyptian times, where it was valued for it's waterproofing and emollient properties. Wool wax is extracted from sheep wool in the spring when they are sheared, then it is washed out of the wool and refined into different grades of lanolin.

long hair sheep

Through modern technology advances, lanolin is now available in an ultra-refined clean form that is widely used throughout the medical and cosmetic industries.  Lanolin is 100% natural and it's emollient properties soften, soothe and heal the skin while forming a protective layer to prevent moisture loss. It is a natural humectant, which means it absorbs additional moisture from the air surrounding it.  This protective layer will not clog pores and is breathable.  Lanolin is also a wonderful moisturizer for dry, curly to very curly hair and makes a good treatment for dry scalp. 

 I have used lanolin in a couple of my products and have wanted to use this wonderful ingredient in more of my recipes.  I have made a new cream and a balm that will be out very soon. The lanolin balm is a more intense product that I designed for my husband's hard working hands to treat cracks and extremely dry skin because he works outside year round and winter conditions are brutal on his hands. 

The cream formulated for hands and feet is a good choice to people who have less extreme conditions to deal with but still need the extra protection.

 I will be implementing lanolin into my hair care products and bring in some new items for all to benefit.


 This is my new hand and foot cream with lanolin.  It is super thick but has a light fine texture that absorbs easily into the skin leaving a smooth and silky moisturizing barrier that will help keep your skin protected and does not feel greasy once it has penetrated the skin. To the men out there, this is a huge plus. Greasy creams and lotions are probably one of the biggest reasons men don't use them. 

It is available in three fragrances, scented with natural essential oils and in two sizes, 8 oz, and 2.25 oz jars.

1. Patchouli Rose Geranium   2. Sandalwood Lime Orange  3. Lavender Cedarwood

Each batch of cream is made with highly moisturizing natural butters and oils that are high in essential fatty acids, vitamins, plant and botanical extracts and antioxidants.  

I hope everyone is as excited as I am about lanolin, it's benefits and properties.  What a truly amazing ingredients.  I can't wait to to create more new recipes with lanolin for skin and hair.

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