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June 2016 Giveaway Winner Announced July 1, 2016 08:14

Each month, one customer is picked to receive free products from Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations LLC.  You may be wondering just how to be entered into this drawing?  It's very easy, just make a purchase online at and you will automatically be entered into the monthly giveaway.  If you purchase more than once during the month each order number will be submitted into the drawing.

Here's what the lucky winner will be receiving from June's drawing.

1)Tobacco & Bay wet shaving soap made with French green clay and bentonite clay. This shaving soap has also been infused with calendula and green tea.

1) Tobacco & Bay Soap is made with skin loving oils and butter of hemp, avocado, mango and shea. This bar features French green clay and black walnut hull powder.

1) Tobacco & bay Aftershave.  Tobacco & Bay is a wonder scent that features bay leaf, fir needle, cedarwood, bergamot and warm tobacco.

Who's the winner?

I would like to congratulate Tamara Singer of Baldwinsville, NY

Here is what I have for July's giveaway.

This is a set of my brand new Sweet & Salty Emulsified Scrubs.  Why call it sweet & salty?  These scrubs have the perfect combination ratio of sugar and salt for great exfoliation.  Sometimes scrubs made with only sugar fall short and dissolve before you can get the job done.  I used pink Himalayan fine grain salt mixed in with the sugar, which has grains that are a little bit larger than that of sugar and last longer to get your scrub on.  

This set is unisex and made with essential oils, avocado, rice bran, mango butter and sunflower oils emulsified with my sugar and salt blend.  These scrubs are fantastic for both face and body.

What you get in this set.

1) Sunny Citrus Blend Sweet & Salty Emulsified Scrub, which is a blend of lime, lemon, orange and litsea essential oils. One 2.5 oz jar

2) Invigorating Eucalyptus Blend Sweet & Salty Emulsified Scrub.  This blend is a combination of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oils.  One 2.5 oz jar.

3) Spicy Lime Patchouli Blend Swee & Salty Emulsified Scrub, which is a blend of lime, patchouli, orange, grapefruit, and clove bud.  One 2.5 oz jar.

These all smell so fantastic and are wonderful exfoliating scrubs.

If this sounds like something you would like, get your order in for your chance to win.

Good luck everyone!