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Apple Slice Soap

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My apple slice soap bar smells exactly like a fresh cut slice of apple, sweet, fresh and crisp. It is such an amazingly real fragranced soap beautifully swirled with yellow and greens

Here at Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations each and every bar of soap is handcrafted to be gentle, extra moisturizing and cleansing to the skin. I know you will love the nice creamy and bubbly lather of my handcrafted soaps and the way they all make your skin feel.

Choose from a large full-size bar or a sample size bar. Pictured are full-size bars.

Full-size bar weight is approximately 4 oz 

Sample size bar weight is a minimum of 1 oz

Soap ball weight is a minimum of 2 oz

Please Note*  All sample size soap may vary in color and design from the picture.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Saponified Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Canola Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance Oil, Skin Safe Mica, tussah silk.

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Apple Slice Bar Soap

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