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Agripin Handcrafted Artisan Soap

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Agripin handcrafted artisan soap is attributed to the name of a Russian racehorse.  In Russian, it means wild horse.  The design and scent are definately racy, but with a majestic undertone that demands respect.  It is heady, invigorating, yet fresh and eclectic. Base notes of Verbena, Tangerine, Cypress, and Yuzu Zest set the stage for a sexy middle of Coriander, Clary Sage, Geranium Bourbon, Blue Water Lily, Nutmeg, Saffron, with a memorable dry down of Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Amber Tobacco, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amyris, and Musk.  This is a masculine scent but definitely appeals to females as well.

Choose from a full size 5 oz bar or a 1 oz sample size bar.  Pictured are full-size bars.

Ingredients:  Distilled water, Saponified Manteca, Canola Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Beeswax, Fragrance, Sodium Lactate, Skin Safe Mica.

Here at Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations each and every bar of soap is handcrafted to be gentle, extra moisturizing and cleansing to the skin. I know you will love the nice creamy and bubbly lather of my handcrafted soaps and the way they all make your skin feel


Customer Reviews

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Excellent quality soap

This was the first of Lisa's bar soaps I tried and I'm really glad I did. I picked up a sample size bar and got a good week out of it in the shower. It smelled nice, definitely a gender-neutral (leaning masculine) scent. The bar lathered excellently and moisturized my skin as well or better than other handmade soaps. In addition, Lisa's bar was firmer in texture and felt overall more "finished" than the handmade soaps I have used from artisans in my area. Soaps like this really are a treat compared to the grocery store variety and Lisa's are no exception!

Very good soap

I got a sample of this just to see what it was going to be like. Well, I like it. To me just smells like a regular bar of soap. I didn't want to stop showering with though. I see a full bar coming my way. I would definitely buy this again.

Left skin feeling soft

I actually gave this soap as a gift to my boyfriend. He absolutely loved it. He tends to have dry skin, so he gave this soap bar a try. He was pleasantly surprised with the results. Plus he said the colors looked cool. :)

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