About Us

My Name is Lisa, I am the sole owner/business person of Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations which is located in my home in the beautiful state of Utah.  I first started making handmade products in 2007 as Christmas gifts for friends and coworkers. I had so much fun making the bath salts, body creams and scrubs that I made that year.  My friends and coworkers raved about them and how much they loved them.  It wasn't long after that, I decided to take a chance and start my own business.  I opened an eBay store and an Etsy shop in 2008, away I went. Finally, I took the plunge on my own website a few years later.  I can tell you it was much more than i bargained for. What a learning lesson, business, expanding my knowledge in so many areas.  I did survive and absolutely love what I do.  I love how creative I can be making beautiful soaps, scrubs and other goodies that look so pretty and yet are so good for your skin. You may be asking why do I sell my handmade natural bath and body products?  The answer is the customer.  It is wonderful when a customer tells me how much they love my products, how it helped them, how happy it made them.  Hearing feedback from my customers is my great reward.

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