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Smells Like America

A nice subtle, manly smell, not strong like youre a rebellious teen blasting yourself with AXE. It lathers nice, and feels great.

Shaving Soap

Finally, someone who understands the difference between washing soap and shaving soap. I'm back for more, and I've spread the news to others. Good stuff.

Gillette Blue double edge blades are fantastic!

I've shaved with a double-edge safety razor for years. In the rural area where I live, there's very little selection available for blades. I tried a box of Gillette Blue, and found them to be better than any I've used. I shave daily, and it's not unusual for one blade to last 10 days or more! If you use DE blades, stock up on these now!

Love this lip balm

Love the smell and the feel of this lip balm. Good quality!

Another great soap from Lisa

All Lisa's soaps are lovely---creamy, soft, non-irritating and smell great.

Great fragrance and moisturizing soap

This one is a terrific soap. Rich luxurious lather and great fragrance. Highly recommended

Bought this for my son.

My college age son needed new soap. He's used another brand of activated
charcoal soap before, but I was ordering for myself and decided to try Lisa's
version. I like all of her other soaps and shave soap so much! I asked my son
what he thought , and he said "I like it".

Pheromones Soap

Like this soap, my second purchase. One of n=my favorite scents.

Best hair shampoo

I just started using this soap and so far i like the results.the soap smells better than I thought and lathers up nice. I have so every hairs and can’t wait to review it in a few weeks to see if it works. It came a lot sooner than i thought too and was neatly packed. Thanks Lisa, hope to order more in the future.


The smell of the soaps is rivaled only by their performance. Her soap is some of the best that I have used and I highly recommend it!

Great soap

Very very nice soap. In some of ways I like it better than Lisa’s premium version because it lathers a little easier and it’s a little fluffier. The Cedar and saffron scent is my favorite scent out of all the ones I’ve tried. I totally recommend this.

Great Soap

I really like the smell of this soap and the bars last pretty well.
Service, as always, is great.


GOOD STUFF period !

Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar

Bought this and noticed an immediate improvement in the softness of my hair. I've had it a couple of months and it continues to deliver. Was so impressed I got one for my daughter in law, who likes it very much. Good stuff.

A functional and beautiful work of art

This soap is beautiful The soft colors create an almost marble-like appearance, which happens to match my bathroom counter. The soft fragrance is very pleasant, and washing leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished. I'll be ordering several bars for Christmas this year! Thanks Lisa!

This is where I go to buy stuff.

My wife loves this stuff. She already had the softest skin I ever saw. She says it works better than anything she's ever used. I like it a lot.

This is where I go to buy stuff.

I first learned about Lisa's products on Badger and blade. I made an order with her and was absolutely not disappointed. That's pretty hard to do. I'm since gone from my own personal items to buying things for my wife as well. I recommend her absolutely and without reservation.

Great soap!

Love the fragrance and feel of this soap! Thank you so much!

All Natural & clean ingredients

I have only been using it for few days now and i started to see some difference in how my hair feels.. worth giving it a try.

Superb lip balm!

Lip balm is superb! Keep up the great work.

So far so good

It has just been about a month, so not sure about the product... but I like how it lathers. Will write more in future.

Lisa's Lavender sheep milk soap is really nice

Lisa's Lavender sheep milk soap is really nice. Lathers great, super shave performance.

Best Facial Scrub

This scrub cleans your face without drying it out. It smells wonderful and it leaves your face feeling refreshed. Love it!

True Lavender Scent

Everything you want and need in a soap: great cleansing, excellent skin care, and a scent true to its name.