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Exactly what I was looking for. I used to get handmade herbal lip moisturizer from my mom before I moved. I’ve been looking for natural moisturizer for a LONG time and sadly, none of them fit my lip skin. Super happy with the purchase (and the invoice was cute!).

Just Right!

Lisa's handcrafted artisan soap never fails to impress me. The Nag Champa scent is "just right"; the soap is refreshing and leaves me feeling clean!

Delightful Product

Delightful Product. Been using for years. The Somali Rose fragrance is very appealing to me. Leaves skin feeling very clean, and moisturized.

Best Ever

I have been using if for over a year now and I can't imagine using anything else.

I only have to wash my hands

Being a male who has not fussed much about the care of my hands being able to simply wash with the extra virgin olive oil soap and have my hands do well through the cold dry winter is wonderful. I started having cracked backs of my hands in my V early 30's - uh 50 eyars ao. The soap means I have no fussing save to wash my hands often enough to avoid most sickness. It sure beats steroid creams and other "goo!".

The positives outweighs the negative.

I had the expectation of being able to cleanse with a soap that resembles the fragrance. Unfortunately, the scent is too light. So light that I cannot associate it with the fragrance. This is the reason I do not rate it five stars. However, not all is lost. The soap left my skin clean and feeling smooth, which I consider a plus. Then there is the good feeling of supporting a small business that takes pride in what they do.


I first got scent of your soaps at my son and daughter-in-laws home and knew I had to have some. They had been given to them and they had no company name,so I went on line and found you. So happy I did. My bathrooms smell so delightful. Many thanks for an excellent product.

Arrived quickly:) had a beautiful gift and first day useing product and feels amazing:)

Best soap ever!

I have tried dozens of different soaps on line for sensitive skin. This is the first soap, that does not break my skin out, or leave it dry. I bought 2 bars of soap have used for a little over a week. I have just made a other purchase, I do not want to run out!! Highly highly recommend this product! Thank you Lisa!!!

Poison crocus

I bought like 7 bars of soap from Lisa. I’ve been with another company for like 6 years. Got tired of the same smells. The bars got smaller and prices higher. So I decided to try someone else. Oh boy, was I in for a treat. They smell marvelous. Leave your skin soft; unlike the others I was buying. They lather nice; and not harsh on the skin. I’ve used a couple now; I absolutely love them. Thank you so much. I will return for more.

Coconut and palm oil free bar soap

This soap is absolutely the best on the market!! Thank you so much!!!

This is my favorite soap it's gently exfoliating and it doesn't dry my skin out. It's also coconut oil free which is so hard to find as many bar and liquid soaps contain coconut oil and their derivatives. Because my skin does not like coconut oil this is the only bar soap I have found that I actually like for my body plus the scent is a lovely clean and warm smell of oatmeal and honey. I pray Lisa always makes this soap!


It was a gift for my son's birthday. He LOVES the soap. Perfect packaging.

Excelente producto natural. Acondiciona la resequedad de los labios mucho mejor que otros productos que he comprado. El envio fue rápido y estoy muy contenta con la compra.

Delicious Scent!

Lisa's Fresh Raspberry Artisan Soap smells good enough to eat! The soap lathers and cleans well, leaving skin feeling fresh. The raspberry scent is authentic and adds to the pleasure of using this soap!

Love this balm

I've been using this balm from Lisa for quite a while now. And my skin just loves it thank you lisa💖

5 stars


Priceless oil

I have been using this very soothing oil on my sensitive skin. I got a hyper reaction to a new face wash; I remembered how my grandma always use to make plantain oil from my garden and heal all skin issues. I am not crafty nor do I have a green thumb; Lisa’s shop totally came to my rescue. The oil shipped instantaneously and came with a lovely note within just a short 2 days! I’m so impressed with this product and the service!
Thank you Lisa!

Plantain Herbal Oil
Nicole Murillo
Miracle Oil

My daughter (10 months old) got hand, foot and mouth disease / virus last week from daycare, so I quickly researched what I had at home and decided to use this oil. The spots basically went away within a 24 hour period of rubbing the oil on her, they never blistered or became sores!

Mega Rich Body Butter
Rodney Broaddus
Don't know where to beigin

This mega-rich body butter makes your skin feel like a million-dollar baby as you put a small amount on after a shower to moisturize. Who says men don't need to moisturize doesn't know what they are talking about. The Green Irish Tweed scent smell rich and manly, and pears well with the cologne. Every product I've bought I've thoroughly enjoyed.

Deep moisture

Richly absorbent. It doesn’t sit on your lips like chapstick. It helps that supple feeling we want from a lip moisturizer. I like the aroma of it under my nose. It lasts a long time. I even put it under my lipstick and gloss.

Beautifully fragrant and richly penetrating

It goes on like silk, absorbs deeply, and gives off a light clean scent.

Emu Hemp Lotion
Karla Kvaase
Luxurious lotion

I know I’ve done something good for myself. So little goes a long way. My sister started using it too and loves it!

Calendula Herbal Oil
Karla Kvaase
Miracle healing and hydration

I use this product on my face and hands for gardening scrapes, scratches and blisters. I love how it promotes healing and restores softness.