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Favorite shave soap.

These are the best shave soaps I have found in my years of searching and I tried a lot of the high end soaps and Lisa's beat them all. Best easiest long lasting lather with superior skin protection. Thanks Lisa.

Buy this soap!

If you are trying to decide which flavor to buy, get this one!! The scent is fantastic! Will definitely be purchasing again.


I have loved every product I've ordered from Lisa. With every new soap I have a new favorite! The scent of this soap is fantastic and it is not drying at all!

Love this product!

Great product so far! I like the smell and I was on the search for a shampoo bar without chemicals.

Love that lavender shave soap

I’ve been using Lisa’s lavender share soap for years. It works great and the ladies love the scent.

Shave soap original

Very impressed whips up creamy thick and cushiony lather. Scent is manly and adult not fruity and sweet like others. Packaged very well Lisa shows a lot of attention and care to her products and customers. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA THANKS.

Great shaving artisan soap. Great scent and performance.

Artisan Amazing ....

The always lovely Artisan soaps! We keep two in the dish .... one to admire, one for the hands. Thank you so much!!!!

Soapy goodness!

All of Lisa’s soaps are beautiful pieces of art. This one is particularly gorgeous - like a precious stone within a deep geode. Subtle fresh scent with lots of creamy goodness. Love the way this smells and could use it daily for the rest of my days.

Love the Nag Champa

One of my favorites! Looked forward to every shower. Unique subtle scent and creamy lather that washes away easily. Enjoyed smelling it on my skin all day.

Great soap

Great soap lathers well,works and smells great

Great performance, stellar post-shave

Hi, thought I'd add to the growing number of glowing reviews about Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations. I received Somali Rose shave soap recently, tried it out and it blew me away! It's so good, my skin felt protected on all passes - i could scrub areas against the grain with no problems whatsoever. I'm gonna play around with the water band on this as it's early days (just for kicks as there were 0 issues with the lather) so that I get a good sense of this soap. The post-shave is where it really shines bright. Man, you wouldn't need to put anything on your face for days after i reckon! I bought the post-shave elixir too for pure luxury 😉👍
Looking forward to trying other products 😊😊👍 thank you Lisa!

The best!

I have bought these numerous times. My family and I think these are the BEST lip balms! The latest flavor I've tried is orange and I love it!

Great Body Butter

I received a free one with my shipment. I enjoyed the smooth and easy applying to my skin. I have really dry skin, so this made the itch feeling disappear. I will purchase in the near future. Thanks again for the sample. Keep your beautiful work coming!

Natural Lip Moisturizer - Lip Balm - 100% Natural w/Essential Oils

New Sheep's Milk Formula

I found this new soap base to be top notch! No doubt I would buy again. The Pumpkin Oud scent seemed familiar. It was dark and earthy with a pumpkin sweetness to bring it to a very pleasant place. The Florida Freeze has a sturdy medium menthol in my opinion and the lemon lime type scent was great. Initial and residual slickness were top notch and the lather was dense and stable. I'm impressed. The post shave left my cheeks and neck feeling soft and healthy. Great job Lisa!

Nice Spearmint Smell

Again you knocked it out the park. I enjoyed bathing to the spearmint smell and as always my skin is soft. Thank you for gifts.

The only lip balm I’ll use now

Wish I would’ve ordered it sooner.

another gem from LNHC

Given the quality of Lisa's products, I'm tempted to just order the entire line and never leave the house. How bad could total immersion in aromatherapy be? Lisa's shaving soaps are among the very best, and this body butter creme is extraordinary as well. My wife loves it as well. The scent is subtle and wonderful, and the texture of the cream is fantastic. I have asked Lisa for a special order of this in lavender. I suspect then I will really never leave the house....

Great service !!!

I really appreciate the fast shipping and the soap bars are amazing !

Perfect man soup

Love it!

Love it

This chapstick is wonderful. Smooth, non irritating and smells wonderful.

I'm in love with all your products.such lovely fragrances but my skin thanks you my skin is soft & clear my skin is so sensitive your products sooth & repair like nothing I've ever tried thank you
Your Loving Friend

Doc Holiday

The scent of this soap is amazing. The lather is slick and allows for a very smooth shave. My skin felt terrific during and after the shave. A sample of the Somali Rose soap was included. I've decided Somali Rose will be my next purchase! ....the soap also arrived lightning fast .This is my first Soap from this artisan...I'm impressed!

Thank You Lisa