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Priceless oil

I have been using this very soothing oil on my sensitive skin. I got a hyper reaction to a new face wash; I remembered how my grandma always use to make plantain oil from my garden and heal all skin issues. I am not crafty nor do I have a green thumb; Lisa’s shop totally came to my rescue. The oil shipped instantaneously and came with a lovely note within just a short 2 days! I’m so impressed with this product and the service!
Thank you Lisa!

Plantain Herbal Oil
Nicole Murillo
Miracle Oil

My daughter (10 months old) got hand, foot and mouth disease / virus last week from daycare, so I quickly researched what I had at home and decided to use this oil. The spots basically went away within a 24 hour period of rubbing the oil on her, they never blistered or became sores!

Mega Rich Body Butter
Rodney Broaddus
Don't know where to beigin

This mega-rich body butter makes your skin feel like a million-dollar baby as you put a small amount on after a shower to moisturize. Who says men don't need to moisturize doesn't know what they are talking about. The Green Irish Tweed scent smell rich and manly, and pears well with the cologne. Every product I've bought I've thoroughly enjoyed.

Deep moisture

Richly absorbent. It doesn’t sit on your lips like chapstick. It helps that supple feeling we want from a lip moisturizer. I like the aroma of it under my nose. It lasts a long time. I even put it under my lipstick and gloss.

Beautifully fragrant and richly penetrating

It goes on like silk, absorbs deeply, and gives off a light clean scent.

Emu Hemp Lotion
Karla Kvaase
Luxurious lotion

I know I’ve done something good for myself. So little goes a long way. My sister started using it too and loves it!

Calendula Herbal Oil
Karla Kvaase
Miracle healing and hydration

I use this product on my face and hands for gardening scrapes, scratches and blisters. I love how it promotes healing and restores softness.

Great Product. Great Service

As always, Lisa provides the best customer service. And, her products are top quality. So wonderful!


I am a bit confused. This is not a spray bottle. It is a rich “conditioning cream”. I am shocked how well this conditioning cream does as a leave in conditioner. My hair feels full and healthy. I am amazed. I am curious to see how it does after I wet my hair tomorrow rather than washing it.

Mega Rich Body Butter
Peggy Polacek

I received this as a sample and it is amazing! Not oily or greasy. Feels luxurious!! Love it!

Try it!

Love the rainbow stuff smells good too

Loved this one too!

And yet another amazing ayurvedic hair restorer, highly recommend it :)

Loved this one too!

This is another great hair rejuvenator, highly recommend it!

Amazing soap

Love the lather, scent, and moisturizers within the soap. The vanilla is a very mild, pleasant scent that lingers for several hours. My only concern is how quickly the soap seems to be disappearing through daily use with short showers using a shower soap sock. I don’t expect the soap to last much longer than 20 days (which is may be normal for handmade boutique soap). Otherwise, great vanilla soap.

Thank you for your feedback. If you take the soap out of the shower sock and let it dry in between uses it will last longer.
Best wishes,

One of my best shave soaps yet!

Love this shave soap - lather, scent, slickness, and it’s moisturizing properties. Seems like it should last awhile. The pleasant vanilla scent is very mild for most the day. Thank you for making this soap available.

Great shaving soap!

I thoroughly enjoy using the Barber Shoppe in my shaving soap rotation. I get a good lather that provides a smooth shave. Afterwards, my skin doesn't feel dry. It has a pleasant smell too. Finally, I like the quality ingredients rather than the chemicals found in other shaving soaps.

Absolutely love it!

So glad I found Lisa! This soap is amazing and perfect for my skin condition. She's super responsive and as someone else mentioned, her personalized notes are soooo cool! Thanks! Lisa.. you have a customer for life!

Acqua Di Gio soap

This soap smells great, has a luxury quality feel, and it's very easy on the skin. I'm completely satisfied.

Works well

Gentle, moistens, and cleanses.


Love these. Gentle and unscented and longlasting.

Clean and simple

The shampoo bar is clean and simple and leave hair clean but not dry or flat...perfect for travel too!

Best soap

Soap is great and the scnet is clean and fresh! love it.

Leave in miracle

started growing my hair out and this leave in conditioner is the bomb... so much better than using styiling gels and it!

Best moisturizer ever

My skin is clear and glowing and I smell like a cupcake!