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Great product

Received this product and have used it everyday. I pour concrete for a living and this stuff helps very much!!

My favorite shampoo

I discovered this shampoo bar a few months ago and don’t plan to use anything else ❤️

I ordered orange clove soap and black cherry vanilla soap and both are wonderful to use. They have lovely scents and they feel so good on your skin. My husband really enjoys the orange clove shaving soap. He says it gives him a smooth shave. I've been ordering products from Lisa for awhile now and she consistently fulfills the orders quickly and she's wonderful to do business with, there's never been a problem with anything. Five stars every time!

Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar - My new favorite

I absolutely love your product, Lisa. My hair kinda felt a little waxy when it was wet after the first wash. But once dried, it felt soo soft, shiny and voluminous. I am glad that I bought this product! A must buy!

Always The Greatest!

I just received my third order of Lisa’s natural post shave balm. As with each previous order, this stuff is perfect! The balm smells terrific (gentleman’s lavender), and soothes well. This will not be be my last order!

Unable to use the soap

First off I would like to thank you for taking the time to create a special order. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use the soap and I did used of it. At first I thought maybe you had sent the wrong package to me. The soap had an perfume scent to it that did not smell like sunflower seed oil at all. It triggered my allergies I could not stop sneezing. I’m sorry. I know it takes time to create your soaps. It just didn’t work for me. I did not want to send it back, I just disposed of it.


I purchase this fragrance regularly. It’s one of my favorites!

Great performance

The performance of this soap is excellent. It is slick and lathers easily. It produces a thick, yogurty lather. The scent is surprisingly sweet to me. It smells more like green tobacco. I do enjoy it. Overall, you can't go wrong with Lisa's soaps.

Very good soap

I got a sample of this just to see what it was going to be like. Well, I like it. To me just smells like a regular bar of soap. I didn't want to stop showering with though. I see a full bar coming my way. I would definitely buy this again.

One of the best of the best!

This base is wonderful. Dense, slick and the post shave is among the best out there. My top tier was 3 soaps, it’s now 4. Nice work

This is fantastic!

I love this stuff. Smells great and more importantly works very well. It's getting colder outside, so dry skin will be an issue. This will keep me much more comfortable this year.

After washing my hair with the shampoo bar, hair was getting all sticky

Thank you for your feedback. Your hair is going through the detox process as the synthetics that have built up on your hair are slowly removed. To hep your hair though this detox process you can do a daily or every-other-day vinegar rinse which will help to remove excess buildup from your hair. Lisa
Great product and service

The product is awesome!! Service was fast and great. Highly recommend!!


This was my second purchase of Lisa's shave soap. Overall I would rate it a C+.
The scents are good; but weak. They lather up ok. I used different brushes and water. No difference.
I gave some of the soaps to a friend of mine to try and his opinion of them was
similar. For what you get; the price point is WAY TOO HIGH!!! This is a mid tier soap and should be priced accordingly. I expected more and had hoped my second purchase would fulfill that expectation. It did not.

Shaving is almost fun now!

I've ordered several times from Lisa, and have been more than pleased each time. My Artisan Shaving Soap is no exception. The soap lathers beautifully, and as I shave, the razor (double edge safety razor) almost glides across my face. Lisa is for real! Giver her products a try, and you won't be disappointed!

Excellent performance, post-shave feel, and scent!

Excellent soap!


Excellent cushioning and moisturizing

Cushion, glide, post shave feel

Very good product

Love everything about this bar, my hair has NEVER looked this good!

Best Ever!!!

Post shave skin heaven!

This was one of the best soap bases I have ever used. The performance is second to none hands down awesome.

Slickness, post shave feel, scent

The performance is amazing. In particular, the slickness and post shave feel are both fantastic. This soap is top shelf and hangs with anyone. It is easy to whip up a creamy lather. the scent is nice; a combination of Irish spring soap and citrus.


Lisa really outdid herself here! This shave soap is fantastic!!!

Slickness and lather. I like Cedar and Saffron, and Tobacco and Bay.

This is some of my favorite soap

Lather, aroma, protection, glide, post shave protection, all excellent.

Smoked Black Tea Artisan shave soap