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After Shave

My husband loves this product especially the smell. He loves the Sandler oof.

Won't be buying another brand of conditioner ever!

This Conditioner is incredible! The best conditioner I have ever tried. A little goes a long way and it has a very pleasant scent to it! It leaves my hair very soft and manageable. Like the shampoo doesn't dry my hair out and doesn't leave any kind of waxy or oily coating in my hair. This will definitely be the last brand of conditioner I ever buy.

High Quality and Long Lasting!

Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations @LNHC makes a quality shave product. What some may not know is that Lisa makes a quality hair product also! I use both of these products. I started with a sample of the Shampoo bar that lasted me about a month. I am currently using a full shampoo bar and have been using it for about a month also and there is little evidence that it is dissipating. I do use a mesh bag to extend the life a bit.

As far as performance...this stuff is great! It leaves my hair feeling very clean and not dried out in any way. I pretty much use this shampoo bar most days, and doesn't dry my hair out. It also doesn't leave a waxy coating in my hair like a lot of commercial products. There is little to no scent in the Shampoo bar, so it shouldn't interfere with other grooming products!

Awesome post shave balm

Performance is top notch! I purchased 4 of the available scents and they're all really nice.


I love everything about this bar. It’s made such a difference in my hair and I highly recommend it. I have fine hair and this has helped to add volume. I will continue to use it.

Lovely conditioner

I am very happy with the conditioner. It does not weight down my very fine and limp hair. In fact, since using the shampoo bar and conditioner, my hair has more volume and feels lighter. I will continue to use theses products and I recommend them.

Body Butter Creme

This product is an answer to a longstanding dry itchy skin problem! We heat with Natural gas, which is a great heat source but really dries the air. Each heating season my legs from the ankle to the knee would dry out, become flaky and itch terribly. I started using the Body Butter Creme at the beginning of this heating season, and my skin has remained nourished and moist. Absolutely no flaking or itching. I love it. I am using the Green Irish Tweed and love the scent as well.

Tobacco and Bay: high quality manly fragrance

My treasure hunt is finally over. I found a manly scent of high quality shaving soap. Will come back for more.

Best thing I’ve ever put on my skin!

I can’t say enough great things about this balm! It’s so silky and makes my skin look and feel amazing! I’ve been using tallow and emu oil separately for quite some time but there is nothing better than the marriage of those two ingredients! Shipping was fast, packaging is adorable and the price is reasonable! I highly recommend this seller and her products!


Generous samples. Quick shipping great vendor

Wonderful Artisan Soaps!

I ordered several varieties of Lisa’s natural Herbal Creation Handcrafted Artisan Soaps. They are all wonderfully fragrant and beautiful bars of soap. Will definitely order again.

Subtle Man Scent

Imagine Irish Spring but way more mellow and subtle with no chemical strength to back up that artificial scent of the Irish Spring Brand bars. Its masculine and not fragrancy.

Another Winner!

Lisa's Patchouli Essential Oil soap is yet another, in a long line of wonderful handcrafted soaps! The scent is impressive, without being overpowering, and leaves my face and hands moisturized and feeling clean. Try it, and you'll thank me!

Luxurious yet Masculine...

A great soft scent that has a rose and earthy type scent. Really opens up once lathered up on one’s skin. A good clean feeling with no dryness at all. It smells good and you feel a rejuvenated cleanness. What else could a man want? Don’t hesitate gents. It delivers.....

Great scent, even better performer....

A clean freshness that is so good while showering. Great scent pick me up especially in the morning. But, the thing here is that this soap performs exceptionally well. No dryness on the skin with just a clean and nicely hydrated skin finish. Truly and finally a quality MAN soap that delivers both in scent and performance with skin moisturizing effects. Highly recommend it....


Consistently perfect. You can't ask for more.

The best!

I purchsed shampoo bars and conditioners from here & my husband & I personally love it and there is definitely a huge difference in how my hair feels & less hair fall now. We also received a sample body lotion which is really great & smells amazing. I would be purchasing more & it would be nice if there is any coupon code or discount for frequent buyers.

Customers who leave reviews get coupon code to use on there next purchase. If you haven't received it, check your spam folder. Thanks for your business and review. Sincerely Lisa
Somali Rose shave soap and after shave

Not only does the soap and after shave smell amazing, the performance is top tier. LNHC does not get the attention it deserves on the forums.

Outstanding shaving soaps

I purchased the lavender and smoked black tea scented shaving soaps. Love both scents. Masterful blending with just the right amount of intensity IMO. I first tried the soap by building the lather in a bowl with a badger brush. This didn't work at all for me. I next tried starting the lather in the container and building the lather directly on the face. Hugh difference. Rich, creamy lather with top notch cushion and lubrication. Feels nourishing to the skin. The high quality of the ingredients is evident. Great products!

Thank you for your review. There is a link below with a bowl lathering technique thank works great if you want to give it a try. I know some prefer to lather that way. Best Regards Lisa
Love this stuff!

This cream is wonderful. It is rich and nourishing. My skin feels great and looks health and glowing. I have been using it for almost a year and really love it!

Product is good

This oroduct is working well for us but unfortunately I will not be ordering again because the total came to almost $40 and they charged me another $40 to get it over to canada. As well as it works I cannot pay $80 for this product!!

Excellent! Very happy with purchase.

Sandalwood blend scent is fantastic, the black pepper and orange notes are expertly-blended. Texture is very smooth. Absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling well-hydrated. Nice packaging too!

Great soap!

Have not opened the new shipment yet but have used her soaps in the past and love them! Very professionally done!

Outstanding shave balm

This is one of the absolute best shave balms I have ever used. I have combination skin, and this is one of the only shave balms that both moisturizes my skin and does not impart a greasy feel after. It is a steal for what it is being sold for, and a little goes a long way.

Lip Balm

One of the most annoying thing about lip balms is that they must be reapplied repeatedly throughout the day, especially during cold windy weather. That's not the case with any of Lisa's lip balms. The oils and butters nourish your lips so they can combat the environment between applications. Not to mention the wonderful flavors and scents!