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I'm in love with all your products.such lovely fragrances but my skin thanks you my skin is soft & clear my skin is so sensitive your products sooth & repair like nothing I've ever tried thank you
Your Loving Friend

Doc Holiday

The scent of this soap is amazing. The lather is slick and allows for a very smooth shave. My skin felt terrific during and after the shave. A sample of the Somali Rose soap was included. I've decided Somali Rose will be my next purchase! ....the soap also arrived lightning fast .This is my first Soap from this artisan...I'm impressed!

Thank You Lisa

Sexual Cleanliness.....

At least that’s what my Lady says. It has a great smooth feel to it that once it’s lathered it leaves my skin nicely hydrated and clean. Honestly, my sniffer doesn’t pick up much except like a soapy sweet muskiness to it. Like I said, it’s clean and light but, my Misses loves it when I come out of the shower after using it. She likes to get real close and cozy..... I have no issue with that.

Love this soap!

Refreshing scent that leaves you feeling clean. All of Lisa’s soaps lather up beautifully and rinse off thoroughly. Love the Rainforest!

superb shaving soaps

I have tried many superb, good, and mediocre shaving soaps over years of "traditional" shaving, and I am delighted to find in Lisa's soaps another one of the "chosen few" to go in the absolute top tier. I have Irish Green Treed and Somali Rose. The scents are very good,the performance--texture, ease of lathering, slickeness, and after shave feeling--is even better. I will try other scents shortly, as well as some of Lisa's other products. Well done!

Fantastic Soap

The protection is excellent, and I love the scent. It lathers easily too.

Nice smooth soap

I notice once I used it the smooth, fast suds, glide feel. I enjoyed it and a great moisturize for your skin. I will purchase again!

Great Cherry Smell

I enjoyed washing with the soap and smelling the cherry. Suds really good and last for awhile, as long as you keep from being soaked. Skin is soft and smooth without using oils to provide moisture back in your skin. I will purchase again.

Smooth and Silky Manliness....

Not too strong or too light scent wise. Just a real nice balance from a soap that's great on the skin. Goes on silky smooth and actually feels like it's moisturizing the skin. Just a real good soap that leaves you clean with a subtle scent from one of the best men fragrances ever made. Love it.....

Incredible Soap

A dear friend of mine introduced me to Lisa's soaps. I love the variety and enjoy all of the various scents. The sandelwood is one of my favorites! I would definitely encourage everyone to give these a try!

Love this!

I have combination skin that tends to be sensitive. This is the best soap I have found for me! Leaves my skin clear and clean!

I love this shampoo bar and so does my boyfriend! Smells good and keeps my hair from getting winter greasy

great product

A very special sugar scrub for my sensitive skin. Lisa knew exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Wonderful soap! I use this now as a preshave face bar. It is not drying at all.

This is THE BALM!!!

First things first. I will say without hesitation that this is one of the finest balms I've ever used. Period.
Now, I will say that I only use one balm that gives me the performance and protection that the Post Shave Elixer does and that's the Nivea brand balm for sensitive skin and I've tried many. It's the only one that worked for me without giving me an oily or greasy post shave skin feel. Now enter Lisa's and it does it just as good and perhaps even a bit better.

Reason being is that I mostly have oily skin so, balms are not used by me on a continuous bases except for very cold and extremely windy conditions. I'm a splash man through and through. As long as it has witch hazel, aloe, bay leaf oil, hydrosol and a bit of alcohol, I'm in like Flynn. Those ingredients in any combo give me all that I need for soothing, moisturizing and conditioning effects that my skin requires after a nice and close shave from any of my razors, straights included.

Now enter Lisa's post shave elixer. You don't need much, just about half an almond sized dollop of this stuff, a quick rub and spread in the hands and apply. The skin absorbs it quickly and evenly with NO STICKINESS whatsover. Leaves the skin nicely hydrated and super soft to the touch. Does an excellent job of soothing if the irritation gremlins show up just in case a shave wasn't up to par. Just an excellent performing balm with all natural goodness. And the scent though not strong is just right, very pleasing and understated. A must try honestly.

Move over Nivea, there's a new Sheriff in town....

Love this bar

The product arrived quickly and well packaged. My first impression was that it was nice looking with very little scent; the scent comes out in use, not too strong but a lovely delicate fragrance that I really enjoy. My hair feels squeaky clean after using it! I'm following up with conditioner, and use an apple cider vinegar rinse once a week and I'm very pleased with the results.

Artisan Shaving Soap

Great Performance

The soap is slick and protective. The brush loads easily, and the lather builds to a nice, creamy shine. I especially like the scent of the Somali Rose.

Great healing salve!

This salve heals the splits I get on my fingers during the winter months better than anything else I’ve tried.


Since I started using Lisa's soap my skin had been so health and moisturized. In the winter I used to struggle with severely dry skin. Lisa's soap is the perfect balance of oils and cleansers.

My favorite shampoo

I have been using this product for a few years and I'm loving it. All ingredients are natural and healthy, my hair feels wonderful. I travel a lot and it has been so nice not to worry anymore about shampoo bottles spill inside my luggage.... Thank you, Lisa!

Great Smell

I enjoy the smell of the orange clove soap. Leaves my skin soft and moisturized. I will purchase again!

Great Soap!!

Loved the scent on the Green Irish Tweed - its performance was also phenomenal. Great cushioning and glide, easy to lather up, and in sum giving a really pleasant shave. Keep up the good work!

Fantastic service to accompany her products!

Lisa is amazing! She created a fragrance (eau de parfum) at my request, and has refilled the order too. It's a pleasuring doing business with Lisa!