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Too early to tell .....

I just received the soap yesterday, April 12. Would like a faster delivery method. Am willing to pay for it. I was very excited to see that you had a coconut oil free palm oil free soap because I am allergic to both of those ingredients, and soap without those ingredients or their derivatives is difficult to find. I am getting my second Covid vaccination at the end of this week, and I will wait at least a week to try your soap. Please request another review after April 30.

Thanks for the soap!

Thank you for working with my on my custom soap order. I have sensitivities and Lisa was easy to work with to adjust the soap to my needs. Will buy from again!

So glad you are happy with it!



Great Clarity Face and Body Soap Bar

I purchase this for a friend. He enjoyed the smell of the soap and the quantity. He usually buys this type of soap from a retail store and not like it for it's strong smell and stripping his skin, so receiving this was great find. Thank you again!

Thank you for sharing my products with others

Black Cherry Vanilla handsoap

I haven’t had time to use them. I bought them for gifts. But I think they’re beautiful and smells so good.

Fantastic product

I have been searching for a good shampoo for a loooong time - aka: years. This is a fantastic shampoo that makes my hair look clean, shiny, and healthy. Thanks so much for coming up with this recipe and making it happen!

Dried my hair right out

I wanted to love this, I really did. But after I used it I couldn't get a wide toothed comb through my hair. I gave it a few tries, and it was the same each time. It did lather well. But it dried my hair out so badly that even dry I couldn't get a wooden wide toothed comb through it. It smelled fine, but just was terribly hard on my hair. I have very long (waist length) hair. I used it after a hot coconut oil treatment, on a normal shampoo day, with and without conditioner. I used it on my scalp only and on my ends only. The result was the same.

So hydrating!

Simply fantastic. My skin can be so dry in the winter and this soap has helped so much!


It works as soap should and is very fragrant.

So pleased

I would recommend to all friends and family. This soap is better then what you buy in the store’s. I definitely feel clean and my skin softer. I love it.

From a seasoned shaving hobbyist - this is the real deal.

I purchased this soap unused but secondhand from a fellow hobbyist, in the Gentleman's Lavender scent. As a traditional shaving hobbyist of nearly a decade, I've used well over 100 different brands of artisan shaving soap in my life, and as far as quality and performance go, this may have cracked the top 10.

The texture of the soap in the tub was very smooth, and of a brown color. It had a slight shine to it. Very neat and appealing. As far as loading into my brush goes, the soap behaved like no other. It didn't burst into cloudy, airy lather with a wet brush - it remained very thick, sticky, and shiny. As I added water, it thickened into the consistency of a lighter Elmer's Glue, without the stickiness. This is so packed full of butters and oils that I was honestly very skeptical of it, especially since the lather looked so different from my other soaps - this one was almost a liquid when dialed in properly, rinsed with almost no water, and dripped off my razor at times, which is the hallmark of a properly hydrated lather.

Simply put, this soap is no joke. The slickness when hydrated is off the charts, and the nourishment the war chest of oils and butters provide is absolutely second to none. I have notoriously dry skin in the winter, and this is the only soap I've ever lathered that has left my hands feeling MORE hydrated rather than less.

The scent is a well-executed lavender blend that is not cloyingly floral. It's deep, it has character, and I suspect 2 or more quality Lavender essential oils have been blended to achieve the complexity of the lavender accord. Strength is strong as far as lavenders go, which tend to be light.

I've shared the brand with my hobbyist colleagues with a strong recommendation. This is a wonderfully unique artisan soap in the marketplace, and deserves some spotlight.

Lovely soap

Professionally packaged, fragrant, and it works!

This is everything!!!

I love this so much that I keep one next to my bed, one in my car and one in my purse!! It leaves my skin so touchably soft!!! (Yes I think I’ve coined a new term.) But all I can say is that this product is awesome!! Buy one, you’ll see. Thanks Lisa!!

Awesome products as always

I love how my skin and hair feel after using Lisas products. I never feel to oily or too dry and whether you want soap with no sent or a fair amount she offers a fair amount of variety. Great quality, good prices. I have yet to buy store soap.

Somali Rose soap and matching Post shave Elixir

Amazed by the shave. The performance is fantastic, easy to make and very slippery creamy lather.
Delicate and long lasting aroma, to my nose its amber, musk, chocolate, rose.
What an amazing Aftershave Elixir! it's like nektar on my freshed shaved head. I used two pumps on the head and one of face and neck and it was fantastic
Great job Lisa. Thank you!
Also thank you for the presents to the order

All-over bar

I love this cocoa-banana soap bar & use it head to toe, hair too. Thnx Lisa

Perfect lotion

This is the perfect lotion for me. My hands get so dried out from washing dishes and this luxuriant lotion makes them so smooth & soft.

Love this butter

This rich body butter is just what my thirsty skin needs. Thnx Lisa.

Waiting to see the results. I’m acne prone, at age 52, let’s see what happens!!

5 stars

My Husband has been using Lisa’s shaving soap for several years. He will not use anything else.
He also gives it as gifts to his brother and son.


Love the product and Lisa makes the ordering process simple!~

Tobacco and bay shaving soap

Some months ago I bought Lisa’s tobacco and bay face/body lotion and loved the subtle, wonderful scent. I asked her if she could do a shaving soap in that scent, and I was delighted to order it. Like all her shaving soaps, it produces a rich, slick cushion and just feels soothing and aromatic on the face. Another winner!

Perfect scent!

I was excited to try this soap that Lisa made. I have never been dissatisfied with any purchase from her. When I got the box yesterday I couldn’t wait to smell this soap and it was perfect. The aroma was not overpowering but yet strong enough to know what it was. I haven’t used it yet but as with all of Lisa’s item, it has such a great coloring to it and I just love the fragrance. I’m sold on this !

Always Fantastic

This soap smells wonderful, looks nice, and works very well!


I wasn't sure what to expect when purchasing the soaps from Lisa, but I absolutely love them!! My husband loves the Aqua do Gio liquid soap, but no stores in our area received a shipment of it this year. I went on a hunt online and ran across Lisa's products. I'm completely in love and I may never go back to store-bought soap again. I'll be giving them as Christmas gifts this year!! This is a great product!!