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Great for hand soap!

It was so nice to have little hand written messages saying, “thank you!” I also got lucky with a little lotion sample! I use this soap for my hands because my hands do get dry from regular hand soap. This bar will last me a very long time and when it’s gone you bet I’ll be purchasing another one from here. Thank you!

Emu Hemp Lotion
Mrs Sherre

If you are looking for a nourishing lotion for aging skin, this is it. And with the vast variety of fragrances, you can't go wrong. Much better than anything from Bath and Body, your skin soaks it up. Highly recommend.

Great Smell

I ordered three different soaps, all from the men's collection. They all smell amazing, but perfect man is my favorite smell. It doesn't smell synthetic in any way. I've tried some natural soaps before that although I liked that they were natural, they didn't really have much of a scent. These soaps have a potent, amazing scent. Potent, but not anything that would give you a headache. Perfectly balanced. I have a picky nose for scents, so I'm very appreciative. Great service as well. Shipping was fast and it came packaged so nicely. Thank you!

Awesome product

Every product I’ve ordered has been perfect. The shipping is always fast too. These shampoo bars have honestly helped transform my hair and are now the only thing I’ll ever use

Always Fantastic

I recently received an order from Lisa that included a bar of her "Almond & Honey Artisan Soap". The soap's aroma is delicious, and the soap leaves my skin clean and hydrated. I'd recommend this product to anyone who enjoys fine soap that is beautiful and very effective! Thanks again Lisa!


These are such an amazing bunch of soaps. Not only do they have a great scent they are so skillfully made. I purchased them to go with the country bathroom as guest soaps. They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you Lisa!!

Tallow and Emu Balm

My body is usually sensitive to most balms/lotions etc due to my severe psoriasis. This balm does great and absorbs easily into my skin


Hold the jar upright when you open it because it’s filled to the top! I bought Madagascar Vanilla scent and I love it. The product is everything I hoped for.

Wow, this is unique

I love this scent and was surprised that my wife was equally enamored.


Sophisticated scent and like all of Lisa's soaps, nourishing and cleansing soaps of the highest quality.

I wish I had this soap when I was a kid

Really cleans and leaves you feeling fresh. I bought extra to give to nephews.

Everyone loves Sandalwood

Highest quality soaps you can get are at Lisa's Naturals. Sandalwood is the one that everyone loves. Calming classy scent.

This soap was very sophisticated. The scent just brought my mind to luxurious drinks. It didn’t have the alcohol smell (e.g. bourbon) but everything else and the nice vanilla undertone. Mild scent but continuous and warm throughout the shave.
Performance was top notch. The post shave feel was excellent and noticed as this was a another very close and smooth shave. I’ve been having a great shave week!
The lather noticeably calmed my skin after a very close shave.

Ayurveda Shampoo Bar

Another FANTASTIC product! One of the best shampoo bars I have used!

Ayurveda Herbal Hair Conditioner with Keratin

Like all of Lisa’s products, this conditioner is amazing!

Great product. Needs another kind of dispenser.

This is a great leave-in conditioner for hair. And, accidental discovery, surprisingly good for dry damaged skin . However the spray pump gets clogged and is often not functional. When testing with plain water I see that it is designed for a fine mist. But this lotion is of a thicker consistency, hence the failure. There are spray bottles with a wider straw for lotion or lotion dispensers with pumps, which are more suitable. Even so I will keep buying this, really great.


My daughter and I use this after a shower through our ends. She is in Pom, and has to really maintenance her hair. We couldn't find anything to help rejuvenate the moisture. This product is a miracle worker. Your hair actually absorbs the oil and soaks it up, doesn't just sit on top. Love it, Buy it!!

First time user- big hit ❤️

Coming from India... I used shikakai homemade shampoo all my life. This bar gave the same feel as the homemade shampoo. I can’t wait to use it more often. Will definitely order more for myself and family.

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Plaide Clòimhe

Unique. Love this scent all year round but in the fall and winter the most.

Excellent balm! The best!

I've been using the unscented balm for quite some time. It's the best product I've found for moisturizing dry skin. All of the products I've ordered from Lisa are amazing!!!

Lovely scent, great lather

My family loves the scent of this soap, and so far (we have only had it a few days) it lathers well and our guess is that it will last quite awhile. A+

Great soap

The soap has a fragrance that is very inviting and also cleans the skin very well. So it leaves you smelling great and feeling clean.

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Happy New Year!


go for oats and honey

Love the soap. It lathers beautifully and is soothing to my skin.

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I'm so happy you are enjoying it.


Absolutely Beautiful

This necklace is the first piece of jewelry I’ve purchased from Lisa. The stones and craftwomanship are much more substantial and impressive than the photo! As with everything (soaps, balms, and etc.) Lisa produces, the care and professional construction of this piece far exceeded my expectation. It’s the best $25 I’ve spent in some time!

Thank you John, for taking the time to leave a review on this necklace!

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Happy Saturday


Helps with heat rash

My son uses the Apple cider vinegar soap because it helps with his heat rash on his arms. I read that Apple cider vinegar can help some people who suffer with heat rash. I was crossing my fingers when I bought the soap. After he ran out, the rashes came back within a week. I quickly bought more and they went away again. So thankful to have found this it!

Thank you Ashley for taking the time to share your experience with us. I am so happy this soap has helped your son.

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