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Silk lotion

This lotion feels like silk on your skin. It takes a little bit of time for my skin to soak up but once it does I feel hydrated. Here in hot Arizona, I need that hydration. Love this product. It's my favorite lotion.

Love this

Gentle, relieved tangles, leaves hair clean and soft, repeat buyer on this.

The little soap that could.

These soaps are the best ever, with unique fragrances that make you stand out. These are by far the best shaving soaps that I have ever used, and I now discovered, that if I want a little spa luxury from a hard day, I used it as a bath soap. Try it, you won’t be disappointed! It maybe a little too nice for everyday, but who am I to say such things. Try it on your face and your body. You will never go back to what you did before.

Green Irish Tweed

Cushion is the best I’ve ever had. The best. I’m on the site buying more now; can’t decide which flavor I want- they all sound great. This soap is perfect.

Great Soap

One of my favorite soaps because of the chocolate smell and banana.

Great Shaving Soap

Lisa's shaving soaps check all the boxes. I must add this is the 1st shaving soap I have used (and I do have and used allot of them) that I never felt the need after I shaved to grab a bottle of aftershave. This soap, (Florida Freeze) is packed with all the face feel good ingredients. And the cooling aspect of Florida Freeze is just awesome. :)

dishcloth review

My wife loves them. I will for sure order more in the future.

Artisan Shaving Soap - Sheep Milk Formula

Post Shave Elixir

I not a typical balm user but have enjoyed this at times and especially appreciate how it absorbs into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. Awesome stuff !!

Love it!

The clarity cream cleansing scrub is amazing! I have naturally dry skin and this scrub keeps it moist and healthy in all seasons. It is also the perfect level of abrasion for everyday use.

Nice for travel

Good delivery service but the bar is pretty hard to lather and my hair feels dry even after a deep conditioning

Well blended

The oil blend is extremely well done IMO. I’m not yet sure if the healing and moisturizing properties as I haven’t been using it long enough, but it’s quickly absorbed and not at all greasy.

Top tier all the way!

I can't think of any area this soap is lacking in.

Tashmere and Florida Freeze Shave Soaps

My latest 2 scents added from Lisa's soaps and they have the typical Elite performance you'd expect from her offerings. Her soaps are among the top 3 Artisans in my den of 100+ Soaps. I enjoy all aspects of her soaps from lathering to cushion and slickness but where they REALLY shine is in post shave feel. I'll always have some of LNHC Soaps as long as she's making them !!

Great for Shaving

Love the lather and the blade guide with this shaving soap. A little more lavender and less patchouli then I prefer, but very nice and scents are very subjective. Scent isn't too strong and seems to fade quickly.

Feeling biblical

Washing with Frankincense & Myrrh is a great experience to start my day! My recommendation would to buy full size bars rather than samples for better ease of use. The soap will break when it is thin.

Best Balm on the planet!

I was at one point curious if this product was any different from the rest of the beard balms on the market. I tried several of them and honestly just don’t get anything close to the same results as this balm gives me. My wife has even asked me to keep my goatee longer and grow it wider since using this product. Thanks for making an awesome product Lisa!

Great Body Lotion

If you have real dry skin like me then this is the ticket. I would defiantly purchase again.

Orange clove

Smells really awesome.. Last more then 2 weeks . with using it for 3 times a day..

Beyond Perfect!

Lisa is one of the most outstanding people I've ever dealt with. Her products are also the best I've ever seen. I will continue to deal with her as long as I possibly can. She's the best!

Second order, enjoyed it so much!

Trying a different scent this time, appreciated the lavender last time thought I might try something new. Tobacco scent is fantastic!

Love the Orange Cream Smell

I choose this soap because it reminds me of the orange cream icicle. Great moisturize and the coconut is a plus. I will purchase again.

Great Mositurizing Soap

I enjoyed another winter soap. Great smell and leaves my skin moisturized. I purchase the small sample at first and enjoyed it. Again, Lisa another great creation.


Very soothing on those areas of your face that require your utmost attention while shaving.