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Very satisfied

I bought this for my wife, and she is pleased. If she is pleased, so am I.

Husband enjoys every item we buy from Lisa. Never been disappointed in any of her products. Orders process quickly and arrive fast. We enjoy ordering from her.

Love this soap!

After finishing a topical preventive skin cancer treatment, my dermatologist suggested using 100% pure olive oil soap on my face. I found the perfect soap here at Lisa’s Natural’s! It makes my skin feel soothed and hydrated. Smells absolutely wonderful, too!

Thee best soaps

May Lisa live forever, because I won’t use any other soaps. This smells fantastic and radiates from the skin for a while. Smells very clean.

Shikakai Soap bar for Hair

Oh my god. What an amazing soap and what an amazing seller. This soap bar for my hair is life changing. It has stopped my scalp from itching. I will be a repeat buyer forever. If you are looking for a soap bar for hair. Get this. It will stop the whole scalp itch nonsense. I give it 10/10. What a great buy it has been.

Worth the price would buy again

Great mild scent. Looking forward to many uses.


This product is amazing. Packaged with care and professionalism. I can tell that allot of passion went into this. Thank you for making a soap I can enjoy and actually look forward to using. You have a long term customer out of me now!

This stuff is a life saver

I have a distressing palm allergy; coconut is in the palm family. This stuff works great and feels great. I'm glad I found it and Lisa.

Amazing coconut oil free soap

I bought this for someone with severe eczema since birth. Since coconut allergies run in the family, I suspected this product could possibly help. After years of trying every cream, soap and dietary combination possible, this soap has done the trick and wiped out the eczema! Thanks so much for creating this product. We will definitely be back.

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Best shampoo soap

Ordered these soaps a week ago - they arrived blazing fast and I love the soaps!

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Really great shaving soaps

You really can't go wrong with any of the shaving soaps and selection of scents. The scents are really accentuated during lathering. The lather is silky and smooth and doesn't take too much water for a nice creamy lather. Fantastic!

Amazing soap scent

The scent of Absinthe is an absolute stunner. It's so calming and feels great on the skin.

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Same as the pheromone soap. Scent fades very quickly. I wear the Cologne and figured it would save me on usage of my cologne. But scent fades very quickly. Other than that a Great natural product. I will order from Lisa again. Just different products. I love the soap. If could give 4 and half stars I would

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Insanely Good

On top of the excellent utility as a shaving soap, the Success scent smells amazing and leaves your skin and beard feeling hydrated. I cannot recommend this enough.

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My best,

Awesome product

Between this coconut milk bar and her Ayurveda shampoo bars, they are the only shampoos I use on my hair. I can never go back to regular store bought shampoos again. Love her products!

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Much appreciation,

Great for hand soap!

It was so nice to have little hand written messages saying, “thank you!” I also got lucky with a little lotion sample! I use this soap for my hands because my hands do get dry from regular hand soap. This bar will last me a very long time and when it’s gone you bet I’ll be purchasing another one from here. Thank you!

Emu Hemp Lotion
Mrs Sherre

If you are looking for a nourishing lotion for aging skin, this is it. And with the vast variety of fragrances, you can't go wrong. Much better than anything from Bath and Body, your skin soaks it up. Highly recommend.

Great Smell

I ordered three different soaps, all from the men's collection. They all smell amazing, but perfect man is my favorite smell. It doesn't smell synthetic in any way. I've tried some natural soaps before that although I liked that they were natural, they didn't really have much of a scent. These soaps have a potent, amazing scent. Potent, but not anything that would give you a headache. Perfectly balanced. I have a picky nose for scents, so I'm very appreciative. Great service as well. Shipping was fast and it came packaged so nicely. Thank you!

Awesome product

Every product I’ve ordered has been perfect. The shipping is always fast too. These shampoo bars have honestly helped transform my hair and are now the only thing I’ll ever use

Always Fantastic

I recently received an order from Lisa that included a bar of her "Almond & Honey Artisan Soap". The soap's aroma is delicious, and the soap leaves my skin clean and hydrated. I'd recommend this product to anyone who enjoys fine soap that is beautiful and very effective! Thanks again Lisa!


These are such an amazing bunch of soaps. Not only do they have a great scent they are so skillfully made. I purchased them to go with the country bathroom as guest soaps. They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you Lisa!!

Tallow and Emu Balm

My body is usually sensitive to most balms/lotions etc due to my severe psoriasis. This balm does great and absorbs easily into my skin


Hold the jar upright when you open it because it’s filled to the top! I bought Madagascar Vanilla scent and I love it. The product is everything I hoped for.

Wow, this is unique

I love this scent and was surprised that my wife was equally enamored.


Sophisticated scent and like all of Lisa's soaps, nourishing and cleansing soaps of the highest quality.