I love to contrubute to my surrounding community.  Below are a collection of  businesses that I have helped.

June 2018

Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations is proud to be a vendor of The Shaving Cadre Shave Forum community.

 As an ongoing theme of community, I love to donate my soap to charity, homeless shelters and good will.  I feel it is a large contribution to all of the surrounding commuinty.

Featured story in the Deseret News Paper

Mosaic Interfaith Ministries, Dr. Leslie Whited, and all the precious volunteers, were featured in was on April 2, 2017, was on civility.  This is a wonderful story that brings many important issues that we all as Americans should work on in our daily lives.  Click here to watch this enlightening piece of journalism.

 Lisa's Natural Herbal Creations is proud to donate to the goodwill and other social services in need like Mosaic Interfaith Ministries.  Every few months I rebatch my soap scraps (the trimmings from plaining and beveling my soaps) making them into new bars of soap.  Once they have dried and cured sufficiently I deliver them to organizations in need.  Just recently, Mosaic Interfaith Ministries contacted me.  I drove down and visited Dr. Leslie Whited at their facility in Salt Lake City.  I was truly amazed at the generosity and selflessness of her and the staff.   They help so very many people.  

October 2016 visit to Mosaic Interfaith Ministries

Mosaic Interfaith Ministries is indeed a wonderful agency that truly gives so much support to the community.  If you would like to learn a bout Mosaic Interfaith Ministries visit the links below.



Mosaic Interfaith Ministries is a nonprofit organization, they offer many programs, food and learning opportunities to the community.  Everything they receive goes to the people in need.of assistance.  If you would like to donate to this wonderful organization, follow the link below.