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DE Razor Blades

$ 1.75

Now offering DE razor blade packs in the following brands.  There are 5 blades per pack.

Derby Extra

Gillette Silver Blue


Derby Premium

Shark Super Stainless

10 blades per pack

Personna Platinum 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Wilson
Gillette Blue double edge blades are fantastic!

I've shaved with a double-edge safety razor for years. In the rural area where I live, there's very little selection available for blades. I tried a box of Gillette Blue, and found them to be better than any I've used. I shave daily, and it's not unusual for one blade to last 10 days or more! If you use DE blades, stock up on these now!

Randy Jiner
This is where I go to buy stuff.

I first learned about Lisa's products on Badger and blade. I made an order with her and was absolutely not disappointed. That's pretty hard to do. I'm since gone from my own personal items to buying things for my wife as well. I recommend her absolutely and without reservation.