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Adventures in Soap Making - Acrylic String Pull Technique January 2, 2020 16:31 27 Comments

I consider myself to be the artistic sort, I love all sorts of arts and crafts and love to watch others on YouTube for inspiration. During this past year, I have enjoyed watching fluid acrylic painting techniques and like many others had to try my hand at it using soap instead of paint.

4th of July Carved Soap June 18, 2016 09:47 1 Comment

New creative way to make soap. After it is unmolded you can use house hold items to carve and make intricate designs and patterns that are beautiful. Photos show my experience and the soaps I carved.

Tear Drop Swirl Soap Challenge - Sea Island Grapefruit May 13, 2016 17:12 7 Comments

My adventure with the soap challenge club making soap with the tear drop technique. It shows photos and my step by step process as I made my soap for this competition and the guidelines that I had to adhere to.