Tear Drop Swirl Soap Challenge - Sea Island Grapefruit May 13, 2016 17:12 7 Comments

This month's soap challenge was quite a challenge.  Once the tutorial was sent out, I started thinking about colors and trying to figure out what I could do to make my soap stand out and be unique from the others entered.  This month there was an all-time high for participants entering the challenge, so thinking outside the "box" was a must.

My inspiration for my color scheme was a hibiscus that I had saw, beautiful pink petals with white, yellow and red stamen.  All my colors that I used are from Nurture Soap.  I chose really red mica and mixed a bit of orange vibrance mica in with it, yellow vibrance mica, Hollywood pink mica and titanium dioxide.  The fragrance that I chose (sea island grapefruit) was new and untested in soap, but from what I had read, it was very nice to work with.  

Once I had my mold lined it was time to dive right in.  My first batch turned out alright but I thought I try it again.

Tear Drop Swirl Soap Challenge - Sea Island Grapefruit This is batch #1.  Yes, okay but the drop seemed a bit high and the drop swirl that I integrated into it wasn't doing it for me.

The second batch I used more of the orange in the red and orange mix of mica and changed up places with the pink.  I swirled the drop swirls a bit with my mini whisk and this is what I ended up with.

Tear Drop Swirl Soap Challenge - Sea Island GrapefruitThis is the whole batch all cleaned up and stamped.  The stamp makes it a bit hard to see the tear drop in the soap, but all in all I like it.  The scent of the fragrance is divine.  I probably wouldn't have cared if it didn't turn out because I love the scent so much (more for me to use :) ).

For the purpose of the challenge to see the soap clearly and critique and vote, this is my entry below.

Tear Drop Swirl Soap Challenge - Sea Island Grapefruit

I did make other batches with different fragrance oils, but they accelerated the trace, so I ended up with some batches of soap that are very cool and unique.  I must say that I had lots of fun with this technique and do look forward to doing it again.  I also can't wait to see what all the other members who entered have come up with.  You are all very inspiring!