Luxurious Natural Hair Care Collection

For chemical free, 100 percent natural shampoo bars that are moisturizing to the scalp and hair look no further than this collection of great products.  Every shampoo bar offers a luxurious and rich lather. I offer many choices to choose from whether you prefer scent, herbs, clay or shampoo bars made with milk or beer.  

After you have cleansed your locks, consider a herbal vinegar rinse made with herb infused organic apple cider vinegar.  These rinses will help keep you hair and scalp in balance, remove build-up and help to smooth hair from tangle after you shampoo.

 Ingredients are always listed on each product page, if you have any allergy concerns.

All shampoo bars are extremely gentle as well as chemical- and dye-free, plus these all-natural hair care products are suitable for use on the face and body.