Artisan Shaving Soap - Premium Edition with Sheep's Milk has a rating of stars based on reviews.

Artisan Shaving Soap - Premium Edition with Sheep's Milk

$ 18.00 $ 24.00

* Retiring so scents for a while.  It's a perfect time to get a great deal.*

New scents and restocks will be available soon.

This premium formula is jam-packed with skin food,  antioxidants, and anti-aging goodness.  Because of how much goodness is included in my formula don't expect a super-dense thick lather, expect a lower density lathering experience that still offers an incredible shave.  You will benefit by blooming with about 1 -2 tsp of water prior to lathering. 

This premium base does have some of the same incredible ingredients as the previous artisan shaving soap such as plant and botanical extracts, sheep's milk, tallow, castor, and lanolin.  Through my research, I have found and added a few more luxury oils and other ingredients that make this soap measures above what I have offered previously.  

Expect super slickness.  Expect a great cushion.  Expect a much-improved lathering experience.  Expect the post-shave to be even better than any version I have ever made without a greasy feel.

Minimum 4.5 oz Jar or 1/2 oz sample sizes available 

Currently, the following scents are available 

= masculine  = unisex = feminine 

Success - Creed Aventus dupe (M) Retired

One - Dulce & Gabbana The One dupe (M) Retired

Barber Shoppe(M)  Bergamot and fresh basil leaf are complemented by earthy notes of Oakmoss and white patchouli


Gentleman's Lavender (U) essential oil blend

Ocean Mist - (U)  a complex bouquet of carnations, lily of the valley, and hyacinth; underlined by oakmoss and white musk.  Retired

Bergamot Ylang Ylang & Lemongrass (U to F) essential oil blend Retired

Oatmeal Milk & Honey (U to F) fresh aroma of hawthorn, with nuances of creamy French vanilla, soy milk, and a base note of nutty almond.  Retired

Dark Warrior(M)  Doir Sauvage Dupe

Tobacco & Bay - (M)  top notes of bay leaf and fir needle mingle with cedarwood and bergamot to reveal a warm tobacco base note. The fragrance has a fresh, clean aroma with well-balanced natural notes.

 The Down Low - (M) is a woodsy blend of fresh cedar, true patchouli, natural lavender, effervescent clove, and aromatic eucalyptus. Top notes: Licorice, eucalyptus,  Mid notes: Clove, Rose, lavender,  Base notes Cedarwood, Pine, Patchouli.

Mariner  - (M to U) is a rendition of the original Old Spice fragrance. This masculine scent begins with top notes of lemon, orange, and aldehydes, followed by middle notes of carnation, jasmine, and geranium, sitting on base notes of ambergris, tonka bean, and musk.

Irish Green Tweed (M) a rendition of Green Irish Tweed Fragrance. Top notes:  Sicilian Bergamot, Wild Lavender, Cool Cyclamen, Lemon, Verbena, Mid notes:  White Eucalyptus, Fern, Red Geranium, Iris, Violet, Base notes:  Cedarwood, Labdanum, Transparent Musk, Olibanum, sandalwood, ambergris

Paradox - An upscale, masculine aroma with top notes of blood orange, Sicilian bergamot, and juniper berries, followed with middle notes of petitgrain, dark amber, and patchouli; flexing its muscles with base notes of ebony woods, tonka bean, and exotic musk. 

Vermont Moonshine  - A special in-house blend. Imagine the scent of maple whiskey and scotch whiskey married together and aged in charred wood barrels there's also a hint of butter and vanilla. Retired



Customer Reviews

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Marty M

I ordered a tub of Paradox, which is an incredible scent all on it's own. My order was shipped immediately and well packaged. Shaving with this soap is a different experience. The slickness is top notch and the post shave feel is butter soft. I can't recommend this soap enough.

Thank you Marty for taking the time to leave a review. I am super glad you're enjoying the shaving soap.

My best,

James D.
Amazing Soap!

The performance of this soap blew me away. The post shave feel was so good, I almost forgot to actually do my post shave routine. It is a low structure lather, so don't expect gobs of lather exploding for your bowl or off your face.

My only gripe would be the scent. I picked up Success, and yes it is Aventus, but it arrived on a hot day and sat in a hot mailbox and it did soften/melt a little, which (I believe) led to some base funk. I don't know if the goats milk can spoil, something is going on. I cannot knock of any stars because we cannot control the weather. I'm just super happy is performs as well as it does.

If you haven't tired Lisa's shave soaps, or are on the fence, purchase some samples and see for yourself. I'll make another purchase this winter and hope to avoid melting and potentially base funk. Got my eye on Somali Rose or Mariner!

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.


Steve H.
Somali Rose

The scent and performance of this soap is TOP NOTCH and is among the best shave soap I have used. LNHC products are TOP TIER.

Not the worst, but quite short of being the best

I'm a bowl latherer and despite loading my brush 4 times I could only get a lather the consistency of melted whip cream. Very runny. The many extra herbal ingredients probably are the root cause of an unstable lather. Also, the scent, while nice, didn't remind me of a barbershop scent, but more of the floral scent I remember when I accompanied my mother to a hair salon when I was a child. As is it's probably going to end up being used as a bath/hand soap.

Tyler Grinnell
From a seasoned shaving hobbyist - this is the real deal.

I purchased this soap unused but secondhand from a fellow hobbyist, in the Gentleman's Lavender scent. As a traditional shaving hobbyist of nearly a decade, I've used well over 100 different brands of artisan shaving soap in my life, and as far as quality and performance go, this may have cracked the top 10.

The texture of the soap in the tub was very smooth, and of a brown color. It had a slight shine to it. Very neat and appealing. As far as loading into my brush goes, the soap behaved like no other. It didn't burst into cloudy, airy lather with a wet brush - it remained very thick, sticky, and shiny. As I added water, it thickened into the consistency of a lighter Elmer's Glue, without the stickiness. This is so packed full of butters and oils that I was honestly very skeptical of it, especially since the lather looked so different from my other soaps - this one was almost a liquid when dialed in properly, rinsed with almost no water, and dripped off my razor at times, which is the hallmark of a properly hydrated lather.

Simply put, this soap is no joke. The slickness when hydrated is off the charts, and the nourishment the war chest of oils and butters provide is absolutely second to none. I have notoriously dry skin in the winter, and this is the only soap I've ever lathered that has left my hands feeling MORE hydrated rather than less.

The scent is a well-executed lavender blend that is not cloyingly floral. It's deep, it has character, and I suspect 2 or more quality Lavender essential oils have been blended to achieve the complexity of the lavender accord. Strength is strong as far as lavenders go, which tend to be light.

I've shared the brand with my hobbyist colleagues with a strong recommendation. This is a wonderfully unique artisan soap in the marketplace, and deserves some spotlight.