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Coconut & Palm Free Soap Bar - Unscented

$ 5.95

 My coconut and palm-free unscented soap bar is specifically made for people with allergies to coconut oil and palm oil but would be a perfect soap bar for anyone who is sensitive to certain ingredients.  It is an unscented basic soap bar for those who also have issues with fragrance.

Coconut and palm-free soap is very moisturizing and nourishing to the skin and contain nothing but skin-loving oils that have been saponified with reverse osmosis water and citric acid.

Choose from a full-size soap bar (4 oz minimum) or a sample size soap bar (1 oz minimum)

Ingredients: Saponified Babassau Oil, Manteca, Rice Bran Oil, Canola Oil, Castor Oil, Reverse Osmosis Water, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,  Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Soybean Oil, Sodium Lactate, Citric Acid.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Lang
Coconut & Palm free Soap Bar

I have a bad palm & coconut allergy and this soap has saved my skin! I’m so happy my husband found you. Please don’t stop making them. Finding soap without these ingredients is near to impossible. Thank you.

Patricia Borsellino
Coconut and palm oil free bar soap

This soap is absolutely the best on the market!! Thank you so much!!!

Carol Livstone
This stuff is a life saver

I have a distressing palm allergy; coconut is in the palm family. This stuff works great and feels great. I'm glad I found it and Lisa.

Amazing coconut oil free soap

I bought this for someone with severe eczema since birth. Since coconut allergies run in the family, I suspected this product could possibly help. After years of trying every cream, soap and dietary combination possible, this soap has done the trick and wiped out the eczema! Thanks so much for creating this product. We will definitely be back.

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Veronica Gutierrez
Love them!

They are so delicate and smell so nice. Great product, I'll be back for more!

Awesome! Thank you Veronica for taking the time to leave a review for your purchased item.

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