Clarity Face and Body Soap Bar with Activated Charcoal has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 7 reviews.

Clarity Face and Body Soap Bar with Activated Charcoal

$ 6.80 $ 7.10


Clarity face and body soap bar has

  • 100% natural ingredients peppermint
  • Organic unfiltered honey to soothe and hydrate
  • calendula tea, soothing and healing properties
  • activated charcoal helps detoxify and draw out toxins from the skin
  • Australian washed blue clay, detoxify and help prevent acne
  • made with rich rice bran oil which has been a beloved oil and beauty secret throughout Asia.

Choose from a full-size bar (Pictured), a generous size sample or a soap ball (limited quantity).  

What is a soap ball?  A soap ball is made from the scraps of this batch.  I prefer to have zero waste and use the scraps from plaining and trimming my soap, kneading them into a ball.  Soap balls are a minimum of 2 oz, this gives the opportunity to try the soap at a discounted price.

This special face & body bar I made specifically to go with my Clarity Face & Body Scrub.  Both of these products will help to keep your skin clear and balanced. 

 Ingredients: Saponified Rice Bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Calendula Tea, Activated Charcoal, Australian Washed Blue Clay, Unfiltered Honey, Essential Oils of Lemon, Tea Tree, Frankincense & Peppermint.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I suffered from dry itchy skin before I found this soap. No moisturizer would help. This soap has made such a difference! My skin feels great. I have been using it for about three years now and have not had a dry skin episode since.


Nice complexion soap. Been using it for years.

Great odor

Wife’s favorite

Smooth, shine, and clean feel.

Smooth and soft feeling for my skin. A little shine happens too. My face has shown a glow by using it and less acne. My back acne not gone yet. I believe daily use will assist this issue. I plan on purchasing again. Love the soap. Might even stop using Proactive.

It works much better than other acne products. Much cheaper, too.

I buy this this soap for my son who has a problem with acne on his back and shoulders. I also buy him the activated charcoal scrub for his face.

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