Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap August 8, 2016 08:00 21 Comments

This month's Great Cakes Soap Challenge was the dancing funnel swirl technique.  I really enjoyed this challenge and do plan to make more soaps using what I have learned. The guidelines were as follows.  The soap had to be made using the cold process method in a slab mold.  The outline color was to remain the same and no embellishment added to the soap.  There were two categories to enter into, either all natural or synthetic.  I chose the all natural category.

My recipe consists of:

25% coconut Oil, 20% palm oil, 15% apricot kernel oil, 15% babassu oil, 15% sunflower oil and 10% shea butter.  I used a water discount of 30% in this recipe.

I began by infusing olive oil with my chosen natural colors, black walnut hull powder, and paprika.  I used my crock pot with some water and placed it on the warm setting for a few hrs, then turned it off and let it cool down completely and strained the oil.

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap

Next, I lined my mold and gathered the rest of my ingredients to begin making the soap.

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Besides, the infused oil for color I opted to use the straight herbs/spices as well for a more concentrated color.  The scent I chose was tangerine essential oil.  

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap

With my squeeze bottles all ready to go, I was ready to make soap.  I did not use a stick blender to achieve emulsification of the soap batter, I hand stirred, which took me 27 minutes.

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Here is the soap batter in the squeeze bottles.  From left to right, colored with black walnut hull powder, colored with paprika powder, colored with paprika infused oil, no color added to the last bottle on the far right.

So I began making my dots as in the tutorial, once finished I placed plastic wrap over the mold and put it in the oven for approximately one hour on the warm setting of my oven, which is about 150 degrees to ensure gel.  I completely forgot to take a snapshot of it before I put it in the oven.  The soap batter was VERY fluid and I had to take it up two flights of stairs to my kitchen from my soaping room without giggling it too much.  Adrenaline rush!  

After that, I started clean up.  I had a bit of soap that was stuck in the bottles so I filled them into some column mold to use later for embeds.

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap I did not gel the embeds.

On to the cut.

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap I measured and cut the slab into four bars, plained and beveled the edges.  I really liked the way this soap turned out and the tone of colors that I achieved with the combination of straight herb and infused oil.  The contrast is quite dramatic.

Tangerine Dancing Funnel Swirl Soap


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